Team Care, a new approach to patient care, is explained by Dr. Dan Heinemann and Brittany Montecuollo of Sanford Health during A Better You Saturday March 4th.

Anyone with a chronic disease, such as diabetes, kidney disease, heart issues, or is battling with cancer can benefit from Team Care. Beside your regular doctor, various health care providers see to your needs on a regular basis. Behavioral Health specialists, RNs, Health Coaches, Physician Assistants, can all be part of the team.Other specialists and providers can be added if necessary.

Rather than going from place to place and appointment day to appointment day, the team meets with the patient on the same day, at the same location, and at the same time, to facilitate quality care in a timely and cost effective fashion.  Less stress for the patient.

The goal is better care for the patient, better resource use, and saving everybody time and money.

Brittany Montecuollo is head nurse of Sanford Clinics in four states. Dr. Heinemann is one of the lead physicians at Sanford. He oversees the Team Care system.

A Better You, Saturday at 11am on this webpage and 1140 KSOO.