Having had the pleasure of emceeing this weekend's JazzFest, it was fun seeing Sheryl Crow when she wasn't performing.

There aren't too many times when you get to see what a celebrity is like when they're "not on."

I do wish I had a dollar for every time I was asked by someone if I had a chance to meet her and what she was like.

I'll tell you the same thing I told them - we said "hi" to each other in passing and that was about it.

The general rule of thumb is when you're back stage, you leave the artist alone.

But I did get to observe a lot of back stage happenings and she may be one of the coolest ladies I've ever "kind of" met.

Earlier in the day she took one of her kids fishing down at the Big Sioux River, and after supper she played Frisbee with them on the grass.

I visited with Teri Schmidt of the Sioux Falls Convention & Visitor's Bureau about it Monday morning on the radio.