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    SF City Council Votes Fund Spellerburg

    Tuesday night the Sioux Falls City Council voted 7 to 1 to fund an indoor pool at Spellerberg park.

    It was a full house at the council meeting as people who did and did not want a pool build at the Spellerberg park location gave testimony.

    Many of the folks against the park pool location wanted the vote delayed to see if building the indoor facility at Sanford Sports Complex was a viable option.

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    Tea School Expansion Voted Down

    The Tuesday night vote to expand the Tea elementary school by 14 classrooms failed by 2 votes.

    The count was 912 for and 611 against. If two no votes had been yes, the margin would have been 914 to 609 and slightly above 60 percent.

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    Cubby's Robbery Arrests

    2 more people have been arrested for the Cubby's convenience store robbery a few weeks ago.  Police arrested a 22 year old and 17 year old girl.

    The girls got away with some cast and cigarettes and will both be charged with 1st degree robbery.

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    Wednesday Weather from the NWS

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    6 Weird Things Could Send You To Hospital

    You've probably heard that myth that you can pop your eyes out if you hold them open when you sneeze.  Don't try it.  But sneezing CAN send you to the hospital, along with these other things that seem totally harmless.

    1.  Skinny jeans.  If they're tight enough, they can pinch the nerves at the tops of your thighs, and lead to a condition called meralgia paresthetica.  Sometimes it requires surgery to fix the problem.

    2.  A fat wallet.  If you keep your wallet in your back pocket, you're twisting your spine every time you sit down.  It could lead to sciatica and even herniated discs.

    3.  Flip-flops.  If you're always gripping them with your toes to keep them from falling off, it could lead to tendonitis.

    4.  Drinking too much water.  This is kind of hard to do.  But too much water can dilute the essential nutrients in your blood.  And in an extreme case you could actually die.

    5.  Intense workouts.  Aside from dehydration and heat sickness, you can get something called rhabdomyolysis (RAB-doh-my-oh-LY-sis). That's when your muscles start to break down and leak protein into your bloodstream.

    6.  Sneezing.  The pressures in your neck and head go way up when you sneeze.  Enough that you could even wrench your spinal column and be partially paralyzed.  And if you sneeze with your mouth and nose closed, you could blow out your larynx.  (ABC News)