It never happened to me when I was a child, but I can sympathize with the four-year-old Minnesota boy who was left behind at a museum in Brookings when everyone else returned home after a field trip. And I'm guessing we all can.

By now you've probably heard the story. Children from Marshall, Minnesota were taken by bus to the Children's Museum of South Dakota in Brookings. The group was back in Marshall, an hour's drive from Brookings, before anyone apparently realized the little boy had been left at the museum.

His mother, Jacqueline Whylly, says no one was accountable for her son, and who can blame her?

The superintendent at the Marshall Public Schools has apologized, and he says field trip rules were not followed. And I'm guessing many, many hoops will have to be jumped through before the next field trip.

Now, the closest I ever came to having something like this happen was not when I was four, but when I was confirmed at the age of 15.

My parents were throwing a big "doings" and all the Hetlands were invited. But after the service my parents left our church thinking I was riding with my brother and my brother thought I was with our parents.

I caught a ride home with a cousin and his family, and when we got to our farm no one had even realized the guest of honor was missing.