At last count there are more than 800 million Facebook accounts active on the social media site.  A good number of those accounts belong to married men and women and sometimes the balance between the Facebook world and the married world can be tricky.

More and more divorce attorneys are reporting that Facebook and other social media sites, are leading to more infidelity and more failed marriages.  So how do you prevent your relationship from being a 'Facebook fatality'? Your Tango has three key things you can do to keep your priorities in place:

Rule #1 Share Your Password
There shouldn't be anything on your Facebook page you don't want your spouse to see. If you are planning a party or surprise then use another form of communication, perhaps good old conversation, which will not cause suspicion and stress.
Giving your spouse your password shows that you have nothing to hide and also that you trust them.


Rule #2 Time With Your Partner Is More Important Than Time Online
Spending all your time when your spouse is at home or at work on Facebook is going to cause friction in a relationship. Sometimes "virtual" friends and relationships become a substitute for the real thing. After all they don't share their faults and all you see is the person that they want you to, which often makes them seem so much "better" than your spouse and all their problems and issues.
Spending time online when your partner is home is devastating to a relationship. Facebook is there 24/7 and needs to be used in moderation and not when the actual real world relationship should be strengthened.


Rule #3 Be Clear About Your Relationship And Use Blocking
Always state your relationship accurately and shut people down that are trying to initiate more than a friendship relationship online. You have the ability to ask them to respect your spouse and your request or to block them from your site.

Failing to block a prospective "online relationship" is your fault and not theirs for trying. It is also your fault if you allow them to continue to contact you after they have continued on with a love or relationship interest when you have set the record straight.
Avoiding discussing problems in your real world relationship is also important. There are lots of people lurking around online to give you advice and a comfortable shoulder to cry on, but they do want something in return.