If counting sheep at night to help you fall asleep isn't working anymore, I have found the sure fire method to get the job done, read the political party platforms of the Republicans and Democrats.

The democrats took about 32 pages to write their belief system. The republicans nearly doubled that. Here are a couple of chapter titles. Can you guess which party?

"Moving America Forward."

"Restoring the American Dream:Rebuilding the Economy and Creating Jobs."

"Putting Americans Back to Work."

"American Exceptionalism."

"Advancing Univeral Values."

First, third and fifth belong to the Democrats. Second and fourth, the Republicans.

Most people don't read the entire document, just the sections important to them. As long as their philosophy is in there, the rest doesn't matter.

This year, I read the platform for the Libertarian Party. It is short,  just seven pages. There is not much flowery rhetoric. It is easy to understand.

The basics: We should have unfettered individual freedom, as long as the exercise of it doesn't interfere with somebody else's individual freedom.

Limited regulation by the government on everything. Market based enterprise. No subsidies for anything. As a country, we should protect ourselves from aggression, not go looking for countries and people to "help."

No more income tax. End the war on drugs by legalizing many of them.

The last one is the most problematic for me. For medical purposes, ok. For fun? I can't go there. We have enough problems with the legalized drug, alcohol.

It is interesting to read what the republican, democratic, and libertarian party faithful believe. It doesn't put me to sleep. It does cause me to sigh as I gain understanding into the reasons for the mess we are in.